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Single freedom degree liquid floated gyroscope

Sep 28, 2018

The typical structure of single freedom degree liquid floated gyroscope is shown in the figure at right.

The main functions and characteristics of each component are described below.

  1. Gyroscope motor : It provides gyroscope momentum moment,usually using 3-phase or2-phase hysteresis synchronous motor,or permanent magnet motor,etc.,usually in the form of internal stator external rotor.The bearing can be either ball bearing or dynamic air floating bearing.

  2. Sensor components:Transfer the mechanical rotation angle of float component relative to shell to electrical signal,usually with a moving coil type and a micro synchronous device type angle sensor.

  3. torquer component:Torquer is generated by using electromagnetic principle, permanent magnet torquer and electromagnetic torquer are common.

  4. float component(gyro component):usually cylindrical,also spindle-shaped(gyroscope room),which is equipped with motor,pre-vacuum and filled with high-purity helium gas or hydrogen under certian "neutral force".The external part is filled with suspended liquid,with float balancing mechanism at both ends and a pivot axis.

Semi Liquid Floating Gyroscope

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