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Structure of gyro theodolite

Jan 31, 2018

The gyroscope device of the gyro-theodolite is composed of the gyroscope and the power supply. The gyroscope is combined with the total station. The gyro body is hoisted with a silk thread in the device to make the axis of rotation at a horizontal level. When the gyro rotates, the rotation of the earth, precession motion in the horizontal plane with one for the slow axis of rotation center. The direction of the rotating shaft by means of the eyepiece can be observed, the vibration center direction pointer points to true north. The determination method of gyro theodolite North "collision determination" and "time".


Rear end determination [reverse method]

Using the horizontal fretting screw of the total station, the dial of the precession motion of the gyrotheodolite is followed by the gyro theodolite. The horizontal angle is read at the point of reversal of the vibration direction (at this time the motion stops). So we continue to measure it and get the center angle of its average vibration. By using this method for 20 minute observation, +/-0 can be obtained. North direction 5 points.


Time determination [pass method]

Observed north direction with the rear, gyro theodolite pointing to the north direction, the pointer swing due to the precession of the equinoxes. For rear end with horizontal tangent screw station of pointer swing when the pointer by 0 points repeatedly record level angle, can improve the accuracy of time measurement, and the accuracy obtained by +/-20 sec North direction.



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