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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Inertial Navigation System

Apr 19, 2018

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The advantages:

(1)Because inertial navigation system is independent of any external information and an autonomous system that not radiates energy from the outside.Therefore, it has good concealment and is not affected by external electromagnetic interference;

(2) Inertial navigation system can work all day long  in the sky, on the earth surface and even under water.

(3) Inertial navigation system can provide location, speed, azimuth and attitude Angle data, and the resulting navigation information is continuous and low noise.

(4) High data update rate, short term accuracy and good stability.


The disadvantage :

(1)Due to the information of integration navigation system, the positioning error increases with time and the long-term accuracy is poor;

(2)Long initial alignment time is required before each use;

(3)The equipment is more expensive;

(4)Time information cannot be given.


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