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The Application of Gyro

Apr 17, 2018

Gyro instruments were first used for navigation navigation, but with the development of science and technology, it has also been widely used in aviation and aerospace industries. Gyro instruments can not only be used as indicator instruments, but more importantly it can be used as a sensor in an automatic control system as a sensor.


According to needs, gyro instruments can provide accurate signals such as azimuth, level, position, speed, and acceleration so that pilots can use automatic navigators to control aircraft, ships, space shuttles, and other navigational vehicles to fly on certain routes while they are on missiles. In the guidance of navigation bodies such as satellite vehicles or space exploration rockets, these signals are used directly to complete attitude control and orbit control of the vehicle.


As a stabilizer, the gyro instrument can make the train run on a monorail, can reduce the ship's swing in the waves, and can make the camera installed on the plane or the satellite stable with respect to the ground. As a precision test instrument, gyro instruments can provide accurate azimuth references for ground facilities, mine tunnels, underground railways, oil drilling, and missile silos.


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