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The application of gyro

May 04, 2018

The gyroscope is usually installed in addition to the south-south direction of the east and west, but also can determine the top and bottom of the vehicles or vehicles, such as aircraft, spacecraft, missiles, satellites, submarines ... and so on. It is the main basis for determining azimuth in aviation, navigation and space navigation systems. This is because under high-speed rotation, the rotation axis of the gyroscope is steadily pointing in a fixed direction. After comparing this direction with the axis of the aircraft, the correct direction of the aircraft can be accurately obtained. The compass can not replace the gyroscope because the compass can only determine the direction of the plane; on the other hand, the gyroscope is also more convenient than the traditional compass, because the traditional compass is oriented by the earth's magnetic field, so it will be disturbed by the mineral distribution, for example by the fuselage of the aircraft or The influence of iron in the hull of the hull; on the other hand, there will be large deviations between the two poles because of the differences between the geographical north and the magnetic north pole. Therefore, gyro and satellite navigation systems have been used as the main directional instruments for aviation and navigation.


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