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The development status of optical fiber gyroscope north finder

Nov 24, 2017

Fiber optic gyro north finder.png

Fiber optic gyro north finder is a kind of inertial device used to measure the geographical true north direction, its main advantage is that it does not rely on external environment information, can be all-weather, rapidly and accurately find the direction of true north. After entering the new century, north finder found on the military demand has become more and more urgent, in the tunnel construction, mining, geodesy, resource survey in civil engineering is becoming more and more shows a broad application prospect.


The classification of the Gyroscope find north system:

  • The pendulum gyro north finder

  • Single axis rate gyro north finder

  • The double axis speed gyro north finder

  • An electrostatic gyro north finder


The main source of error in the system: 

  • Calibration factor error of gyroscope

  • Gyro drift error

  • Trend error

  • Earth dimensional error

  • Inversion error

  • Accelerometer error

  • External interference and observation noise, etc

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