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The difficult of the anti UAV

Jul 10, 2017

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has a strong impact on modern warfare,and the task of anti UAV is very important, It is necessary to study its theory and tactics of counterattack in order to achieve real counterattack. The difficulty of anti UAV involves the following aspects:

uVague understanding, thinking difficult to sort out

At home, the development of UAV is just now starting, the large-scale industry and extensive applications have been not formed. More attention has been paid to production and R & D, and the anti UAV has no time to attend to.it’s mainly application field in civilian, army model fewer, shorter application time and less experience. Technically, anti UAV involving equipment research units,manufacture factory, and troops and other level, work is more difficult, and attention is not enough.

ulack of unified management, the establish of mechanism is difficult

As far as combat is concerned, anti UAV is mainly aimed at the UAV developed abroad. There are different types of equipment for foreign UAV, relatively large difference, a large number of manufacturer, large different in species. At present, from domestic perspective, about the anti UAV, it lack the organization structure of top-down closely so that can not plan and coordinate in all direction power, in overall planning, it lack plan and stage aim of UAV, in technical standard, the lack of technical specification, guidance is poor.

ucounterattack requires high,decision making is difficult

UAV can carry sensor, laser target designator, electronic jammer and missile and other various device. At the same time, UAV is flexible and large involving range. When the UAV of ours and enemy appear on the battlefield at the same time,rapid identification is more difficult. On the other hand, the UAV itself can form the cluster to attack, can also be mixed with human and other weapons system to form a mixed formation mission, it’s harder to make decision for defenders.

uUAV technology synthesis, the formation of anti UAV capability is difficult

Technically, the airframe structure of modern UAV is widely made of materials ,such as composite materials with high performance of wave-transparent, some UAVs have radar stealth capability. The UAV, which is powered by motors and piston engines, has very weak infrared information and is difficult to detect by radar, acoustics, optics and infrared detectors.

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