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The research trends of FOGs

Apr 23, 2018

Fiber optic gyros are low in cost and easy to maintain, and they are replacing mechanical gyros on many existing systems, thereby greatly improving system performance and reducing and maintaining system costs. Now, FOGs have taken full advantage of their light weight, small size, low cost, high precision, and high reliability, and are gradually replacing other types of gyro.


The research trends of FOGs in the future include:

(1) Using triaxial measurement instead of single axis, developing multi-functional integrated optical chips, polarization maintaining technology, etc. to increase the miniaturization and cost reduction of fiber optic gyros

(2) In-depth development of applications for medium- and low-precision FOGs, especially civil inertial navigation technology;

(3) Strengthen the research and application of precision grade fiber optic gyroscopes and develop new types of fiber optic gyros such as B-FOG and FRLG.



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