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The working principle of the three axis accelerometer

Feb 05, 2018

The current three axis acceleration sensors mostly use piezoresistive, piezoelectric and capacitive working principles. The acceleration produced is proportional to the change of resistance, voltage and capacitance, and is collected through the corresponding amplifying and filtering circuit. This and the normal acceleration sensor is based on the same principle, so in a certain technique three single axes can be turned into a three axis. For most sensor applications, the two axis accelerometer has been able to meet most applications. But some applications still focus on three axis accelerometer, for example, in data acquisition equipment, valuables monitoring, collision monitoring, building vibration measurement, wind turbines, wind turbines and other sensitive large structure vibration.

Three axis accelerometer, as a basic component of inertial navigation system, is widely used in aviation field. Signal transmission between system and controller, processor and memory is mainly carried out through space bus. As a standard specification for the development of space systems, Space Wire can improve the transmission rate of accelerometers and enhance the stability of the transmission.


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