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The working principle of the whole Angle motor

Jan 29, 2018

Selsyn is also called the synchronous motor, receiver and transmitter, each have a single-phase excitation magnetic winding step and a three-phase winding, single-phase excitation windings on the single-phase ac power supply, three-phase excitation windings on the single-phase ac power supply, three-phase step the whole winding according to the phase sequence connection each other. When the excitation winding is energized, the mutual induction potential is generated in the three-phase whole step winding, and its size and the axis of the whole step winding are related to the position of the axis of the excitation winding. When the whole winding axis overlaps with the axis of the excitation winding, the magnetic flux through the whole step winding is the largest, and the induction potential is also the largest. When the axis position is perpendicular, the induction potential is zero. This means that the induction potential is determined by the deflection Angle of the rotor. When the transmitter rotates an Angle, it produces an inductive potential that produces an electric current that produces the same in the air gap between the two machines.


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