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What Applications Are MEMS Gyroscopes Made Of?

Dec 10, 2020

The cheapest and most widely used MEMS gyroscopes use as few analog circuits as possible, and few digital ones.The output impedance of these gyroscopes is relatively high, and there is a large DC bias in the output signal.Thus the burden of reducing DC bias and increasing the impedance of the input circuit falls on the system designer.

Today, MEMS gyroscopes are used in a wide variety of consumer devices, such as image stabilization for digital cameras, hard disk protection for laptops and digital compasses.Gyroscopes are also used in the electronic stability control (ESC) system of automobile.With the development of industrial and consumer robots, gyroscopes are expected to play a big role in both markets and help meet the need for greater automation on the assembly line.In robots, gyroscopes will help automatic control systems to control the movement and balance of the robot's hands and feet.

Low Cost MEMS Gyroscope

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