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What is the Beidou agricultural automatic driving system?

Jul 21, 2017

"Beidou agricultural automatic driving system of" popular interpretation, the Beidou satellite positioning signal is used to design the vehicle trajectory, the vehicle location information, integrated in the process of work attitude information, heading information, sensor information, through the control of the hydraulic system, and finally achieve the control of the tractor according to the design path to turn.

The general is composed of automatic driving system, such as display, controller, hydraulic valve (steering wheel motor), angle sensor, satellite receiver, antenna and cable supporting. Each of them plays its own role and works closely together:

- display - the main role is to display the state of the system, system debugging and user interface

- controller integrated satellite signals, vehicle attitude signal and sensor signal, the output control signal

- hydraulic valve - hydraulic oil system in accordance with the direction of change in a given signal to control the flow and    direction, and then change the direction of travel of the vehicle

- angle sensor real-time vehicle wheel steering angle sensor

The signal - - Beidou satellite satellite antenna receiver

- receiver - real-time solution of satellite signal, the output location information

Has the advantages of automatic driving system:

-high positioning accuracy, by Ian independent research and development of the high precision GNSS receiver and satellite  antenna, GPS, GLONASS three, support Beidou Positioning System

- high - precision 1cm standard, combined with the reciprocating line error 2.5cm

- wide operating range -- according to the different base station to support a minimum of 5 km, 50 km maximum operating, strong ability to adapt, can be 24 hours of uninterrupted work, whether it is in the northeast of the hills in Xinjiang or Gobi, can guarantee the high standards of operations support cross regional operations at the same time

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