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8588 Meters! The Deepest Onshore Drilling Record In Asia Has Been Set

Mar 04, 2019

According to the latest news from sinopec, the no.1 well of shunbei ying1 in shunbei oil and gas field, which belongs to its northwest oilfield, recently completed drilling at a depth of 8,588 meters, setting a record for the deepest onshore drilling in Asia and breaking the record of 8,520 meters set by the 5-5h well of shunbei on February 14.This marks that China has systematically mastered the world's advanced ultra-deep well drilling technology.


According to the introduction, the buried depth of shunbei oil and gas field is generally more than 8000 meters, which has been identified as the deepest onshore oil and gas field in Asia.The tarim basin where it is located is affected by the fault movement.In a directional well at a depth of 8000m, the drill string is "as soft as a noodle", which is characterized by poor tool deflecting ability, high friction torque and difficulty in well trajectory control.

, northwest oilfield petroleum engineering technology institute of repeated experiments and innovation, form a collection of frictional drag reduction tools supporting research and development, rapid drilling trajectory optimization design, borehole trajectory control accurately and extend safety comprehensive evaluation of horizontal well in the integration of ultra-deep horizontal well borehole trajectory precision guidance technology, the effect of drill bit with a GPS navigation system, implemented in 8000 meters deep underground three-dimensional space "refers to where to play, the target accurately.

After the successful application of ultra-deep well technology in well 1-2h in shunbei, 7 Wells were successively promoted and gradually improved, achieving 100% well trajectory coincidence rate and 100% geological target rate, becoming a powerful tool for the efficient development of shunbei oil and gas fields.

The reservoir thickness of shunbei oil and gas field is very large.For the first time, technicians established a safe drilling evaluation method for ultra-deep horizontal Wells based on the constraints of temperature resistance of the instrument, pump conditions, drill string strength, friction torque and other factors, and made quantitative analysis of the extension displacement under different vertical depths. Through repeated simulation, the horizontal displacement was finally considered to be feasible from 300 meters to 650 meters.

It is reported that since the discovery of shunbei oil and gas field in 2016, nearly 30 ultra-deep Wells have been drilled, with an annual output of 700,000 tons and an annual output of 520,000 tons of oil in 2018.