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A Huge Breakthrough In Domestic Scramjet

Jun 05, 2020

According to the person in charge of the project, the hydrogen-oxygen fuel propulsion test overcomes two key technical problems in the ground test of the ultra-high-speed super-combustion ramjet engine in one fell swoop. First, it uses extremely precise timing control technology in a blink of an eye. It has achieved the intersection between hydrogen fuel and air with a speed of nearly 3000 meters per second, which is as difficult as igniting a match under a high-intensity tornado and burning it steadily.

The success of this test not only marked the formal entry of the high-energy pulse wind tunnel of China’s scientific research institutes into a practical stage, and truly became an incubator for advanced aircraft. The key breakthrough can be achieved in one hour to reach the world, which provides a good technical reserve for the research of China's ultra-high-speed super-combustion ramjet engine. If this technology can be applied to the military field, it will be the incubator of China's top flight equipment.