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American Prisoner Successful Escaped From Prison Using Drone

Jul 17, 2017

All prisons around the world are implementing anti-drone system, which help to control smuggle matter by this way, but for now, it’s still not have a effective method to prevent drone hovering over the prison. Previously, foreign prisoner had been sized by drone transport goods, while now a prison from South Carolina of American, another criminal, escaped from prison with the help of drone.

This criminal’s name is Jimmy Causey, according to the introduction of prison guard, the tools he used to break prison, including the guns and at lest $47000 in cash, those were using the drone flown out of the wall and sent to Jimmy Causey. Now It’s not clear if other good were send to his hand by the drone, but from now on, the drone play a important role in his processing of breaking prison.

At present, it is not yet know whether this prison is equipped withanti drone system,but in the past several months, there are many different methods have been used by prison department to prevent drone hovering over the prison, there is no doubt that more prisons will start using anti drone system in the future, but that would also bring more cost to the prison’s day-to-day operations.

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