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Beidou Navigation Industry Development New Trend

Dec 27, 2016

Based on Beidou navigation industry development, expert thinks it presents the trend of the development of integration, "Beidou +" time has came.

What referred by experts "Beidou +" including two meanings: Integrated Beidou and other electronic products; Integrated Beidou and other navigation system.

As to former meaning, using Beidou chips and other devices for integration, or embedding Beidou chips to other service terminal, service products, formed on the basis of Beidou position service more services and applications.

For the latter, that is, combine Beidou system GPS, Russian GLONASS system with the United States, the European Galileo system, inertial navigation and celestial navigation, physical navigation system more integrated navigation and positioning timing system. Navigation system with the industry's view which can make the corresponding navigation timing system have more sustainable, higher observability, robustness. At the industry level, some people are concerned about the integration of such developing trend, promoting "Beidou + Big data" "Beidou + Internet of things" and so on.