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Beidou Successfully Took The First Step In Global Layout

Apr 04, 2019

At the opening ceremony of the China-Arab Cooperation Forum, representatives of the China Satellite Navigation System Management Office introduced the construction, application and international cooperation of the Beidou satellite navigation system. In the relevant introduction, the Chinese representative highlighted the results of the cooperation in the first global Beidou/GNSS center in Tunisia. During the period, relevant Chinese experts discussed with Beifang on the application of Beidou in agriculture, transportation, public security, high precision, and related scientific cooperation and personnel training, and gave special reports; and the government agencies and users of the Afghan government. Representatives from departments and related companies also expressed their demand for Beidou related services.

According to the project construction plan, by 2020, China will launch more than 10 Beidou navigation satellites to realize the global network deployment of the Beidou system. By then, the Beidou satellite navigation system will provide more functions and higher precision to users around the world. More reliable satellite navigation services. By 2035, China will also establish a more ubiquitous, more integrated and smarter integrated positioning and navigation time (PNT) system with Beidou as the core; by then, Beidou will provide a wide range of services to users around the world.