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China High Precision Laser Gyroscope

Dec 22, 2017

The ring laser gyroscope is a technology that has been studied since the 1960s. Its main advantages are high precision and low price of mechanical gyroscope with comparable precision.The cost of the fiber optic gyroscope after the 1970s is lower than the cost of the ring laser gyroscope, but it is limited by its design principle and is still inferior to the former in the pursuit of high precision.Modern microelectromechanical gyroscope is very cheap, used in the field of precision can satisfy the general requirements, and can be integrated into the micro chip, therefore become the mainstream in the field of current civil gyroscope.

Ring laser gyroscope

But in the field of military, laser gyro and fiber optical gyro is still the mainstream products, especially in the long-range missile guidance, aerospace and aviation, navigation, etc laser gyroscope is still widely used.This is mainly due to the precision of the mems gyroscope is still cannot achieve the level of the laser gyroscope, including satellite-guided bombs, short-range ballistic missiles and other weapons microelectromechanical gyroscope can be used for guidance, but it must be the modification of satellite positioning, and due to the large accumulated error on ranged weapons, it will be difficult to use micro-electro-mechanical gyroscope.Especially on the submarine, high-precision laser gyroscope meaning is very big, submarine underwater activities for a long time, through satellite positioning to fix the error accumulation of inertial navigation system, the inertial measuring element must have a high precision can satisfy the use requirement.