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China's Deep Space Exploration Will Not Stop The Moon, Mars, And Will Also Enter Jupiter

Apr 16, 2019

Sun Zezhou said that China's lunar exploration and Mars exploration are not repeating the path of others and have their own characteristics. He said that we will not stop here and will go further and will detect Mars and Jupiter.

Sun Zezhou revealed that China's current Mars exploration project is progressing normally, and the flight products have entered the final assembly and testing stage. China's first Mars probe is scheduled to be launched next year.

He also revealed that the Mars probe will also carry a patrol device. The "weight" is twice as large as the "Yutu No. 2", about 200 kilograms. Compared with the mobile ability and moving form of "Yu Rabbit No. 2", it will have some Improve and improve, "I hope to land Mars safely and reliably in 2021 for detection."