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Drones Pose Serious Threat To Public Safety

Feb 02, 2018

In the late night of the prison, there are often unmanned aerial vehicles, circling and hovering over places such as the prison area, teaching buildings, administrative offices and police barracks.

unmanned aerial vehicles

Above sounds a bit like some American movies in the pattern: a geek is using technology to help people escape from the prison, but the scene is actually taking place around us and, recently, fuzhou will be played over the individual prison such scene, let people think that it is a real version of "prison break".

The drones hover over the prison, potentially putting dangerous objects on the ground, photographing regulatory facilities and other major hazards, and affecting the safety of prison management.

As the technology matures, more perfect photograph technology, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) not only has become the "invisible killer" of the civil aviation flight, also a serious threat to privacy and public safety, if control of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is a terrorist, consequence is unimaginable.