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Gyroscopic Failure The Hubble Telescope Is Under Repair

Oct 16, 2018

Apart from the three same type gyroscopes above stated,the other three gyroscopes of Hubble Telescope are expected to have a longer operating life due to technical enhancements.However,the US Space Agency said that two of the three gyroscopes are currently operating normally,and the other gyroscope is not yp to standard.Researchers who are at the NASA Coddard Space Center and the Space Telescope Science Institute are conducting analysis and testing to determine the solution.

During this time,the Hubble Telescope was suspended.If a solution way is founded,the Huubble Telescope will resume operation mode of three gyroscopes,the United States Space Agency said.If only two normal gyroscopes remain,which will lead to a narrower view of space in which it is observed,but has limited impact on overall scientific research capabilities.

The United States Space Agency also said that the other devices on the Hubble Space Telescope are now functioning properly and will be available for use in the next few years.