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How To Predict Marine Earthquake, The Cm-level Quartz Sensor Technology Evangelization

Dec 22, 2017

Inventor Jerry Paros invented the quartz sensor to raise the accuracy of the seabed monitoring to the centimeter level.

quartz sensor

The 79-year-old inventor demonstrated his invention at the company's Paroscientific headquarters in Redmond. Inside a volleyball sized metal frame, the sensor moves through tiny changes in the atmospheric pressure through the upper and lower levels, and even the pressure changes caused by opening and closing can be captured by it. In the application of the seabed, the changes of the instrument induced water pressure can be used to predict the vibrations in the depths of the seabed。
Quartz has a piezoelectric effect,and the pressure produces a charge.Using this feature, Paroscientific began to develop quartz sensors that could measure physical factors such as acceleration, pressure change and temperature 50 years ago. The Paroscientific sensors deployed at the bottom of the sea measure the changes in water pressure,and after correcting the waves and tidal disturbances, oceanographers can move the bottom up and down to a centimeter.

One day,he may be able to see his sensors spread across the cascadia sea and become part of a wide range of natural disaster monitoring networks. Mr Peros says he can't get too involved with local bureaucrats to make an emergency alert for disasters, which is why he's devoted himself to research. Last week, engineers at the university of Washington deployed a new sensor at a small cable undersea monitoring station in monterey bay, calif., where the sensors will be tested for months.