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Hyundai Unveils World's First Holographic AR Navigation System: The Jaynes Will Be The First To Carry It

Feb 06, 2019

Many car fans have played racing games, in which the novice mode directly indicates when to accelerate, turn, brake and other operations on the track, which is very straightforward and efficient to guide the driver.
Hyundai unveiled a similar navigation system at the 2019CES show, the result of a partnership with WayRay AG, a Swiss high-tech start-up. The system is described as the world's first holographic augmented reality (AR) navigation system, and is the first to be built on a hyundai Genesis G80 model.
The biggest advantage of the holographic AR navigation system is that the stereo image can be displayed on the real road, and can be adjusted appropriately according to the specific perspective of the driver to provide accurate driving guidance.

Unlike a normal HUD head-up display, this system can project images up to 15m from the driver's eye, fully "fused" with the road ahead, rather than constantly switching focus between road and windshield when using HUD.

In this way, the driver does not need to be distracted to look down at the central navigation or mobile phone screen, just staring at the road ahead, according to the projected instructions on the road can be driving.

At the same time, the System not only has augmented reality navigation functions (such as lane navigation, target point and current speed), but also includes ADAS such as lane departure warning and forward collision warning (Advanced Driver Assistance System). It is expected that in the future, the System can also provide real-time traffic signals, surrounding vehicle information, weather and other information.