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Important Breakthrough Of China Inertial Navigation Technology

Oct 26, 2016

Compared to the widely used GPS navigation, Inertial Navigation is stranger to common people. But in the military field, it is widely applied to Airplane, Missile, naval vessels, and critical systems of chariots. Although the accuracy of Inertial navigation system can be reach to level of centimeter, Inertial navigation seems more important in military field. For inertial navigation is a completely autonomous navigation system, which does not require an external reference and support, this characteristic makes it naturally without outside interference or deception. That’s why it is used in the aircraft, submarines, missiles and all kinds of craft, in addition to install a GPS navigation system, also equipped with precision of inertial navigation system. At the moment, the country who can develop high accuracy navigation system by themselves, still few countries can do.

From liquid floated gyroscope, to quartz flexible gyroscope and accelerometer, to the modern Ring laser gyroscope, the technology is advanced more quickly than ever. After chinese scientists’ effort, we think the Aviation industry will be better and better in the future.