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'Jade Rabbit II' Patrol Enters The Sixth Night Of The Night

Jun 11, 2019

The Chang'e No. 4 Lander and the "Yu Rabbit No. 2" patrol have successfully completed the sixth month of work according to scientific exploration requirements. They completed the moon and night setting at 22:00 and 2:40 on June 9 respectively, and entered the sixth night of sleep. period.

In the later part of this month, the Chang'e No. 4 lander was in normal working condition, and the payloads such as the lunar neutron and radiation dose detector and low-frequency radio spectrometer were carried out as planned, and the ground receiving data was normal. The "Yu Rabbit No. 2" patrol mainly completes the scientific detection of the target point and the moving rut, and perceives the surrounding environment and terrain. The total mileage of this month's patrol patrol has successfully exceeded 200 meters, and the current cumulative travel is 212.99 meters.