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Logging Company Independently Developed A Drill Pipe Logging System To Improve Efficiency

Nov 08, 2018

Logging company independently developed a drill pipe logging system to improve efficiency

Improve the aging time by about 60%

Reduce engineering risks

China Petroleum Network News (Correspondent Ye Zhiyun Shi Jinan) As of September 3, China Petroleum Logging Company Daqing Branch has applied its own research and development of the over-drilling rod logging system, and has completed 98 tests in Daqing, Jilin, Hailar and Changqing. Well missions, significantly improved logging aging.

The over-drill logging system has two modes: storage logging and cable mode logging, which are especially suitable for small wells, complex wells, large-slope large-displacement wells, long-level short-circuit wells, horizontal wells, etc. A difficult well. For some wells with complex well conditions, this system can complete the construction work under the condition that the well conditions are complicated or poor, which solves the problem that the cable logging cannot be used for logging construction.

In the horizontal well construction, especially for horizontal wells with long horizontal sections and short technical sleeves, the traditional wet joint docking process requires multiple dockings, which not only has a long construction time, but also has certain engineering risks. With this system, it is only necessary to go down the well to complete the measurement of the whole measurement section, and the logging time is obvious. Taking the horizontal well of the 1500-meter horizontal well as an example, the whole well operation time is about 25 hours, which is about 60% higher than the traditional process, and the engineering risk is greatly reduced because there is no cable down.

At present, the over-drilling rod logging system has completed 11 well construction operations in the Changqing exploration area; the Jilin exploration area applied 22 wells of the system, and the logging success rate reached 100%.

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