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MEMS Inertial Navigation Device In Application Of Public Bike

Apr 19, 2017

From last year, public bike is very popular in first class cities of China, such as Beijing, shanghai, Tianjin, Xi’an. Including mobike, ofo bike and others etc. It is convenient to all of us for short distance. With time goes by, there are some problems occur, such as change the bike of their own design, use lock, destroy it... It makes producer trouble to solve and replace with new bike. Here is a new position technology which is very useful to public bike, MEMS based navigation position technology.

MEMS module is small and with high precision centimeter level, which will make public bike easy to find and repair. MEMS module includes MEMS gyroscope and MEMS accelerometer, it will help us confirm position of bike. High precision MEMS sensor with small volume and low cost. It will be the tendency and change our habit in areas of the people's livelihood.