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Modern Development Focus And Future Development Of Measurement While Drilling

Mar 12, 2018

(1) From the perspective of the new technology developed, the development of modern measurement while drilling technology will focus on the following aspects:

Improve the information transmission capability of measurement while drilling, and optimize the information application technology;

Drilling and Logging System

Gradually increase the detection depth of the instrument and the sampling density so that it can more accurately reflect the objective conditions of the stratum;

Reduce the size of the instrument, and improve the instrument's pressure, temperature and pressure performance, including the instrument's seismic performance.

Need to develop high-strength, pressure-resistant and temperature-resistant materials and special sensor designs, and optimize the design of the power supply system

(2) Future development of measurement while drilling

In production, practice has proved that the measurement-while-drilling technology is developing very rapidly. Many oil companies are using this technology and endorsing the role of this technology. Moreover, this technology will become a petroleum exploration and development service at a faster pace. The key technology in the field is also the key content of future informationization and automated drilling technology.