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Navigation System For Coal Mining And Mining Machine

Nov 22, 2018

Recently, we installed the inertial navigation system on the 2907 continuous mining and working face mining machine, which not only canceled the laser positioning guidance mining of the roadway construction, but also effectively improved the forming quality of the roadway. It is the automatic remote control operation and foam dust elimination of our mining machine. After that, another breakthrough was made to build an intelligent and unmanned work surface. Recently, Tian Li, the vice president of the Inner Mongolia Energy Yuxing Coal Mine, introduced.

Inertial navigation system

It is reported that Yuxing Coal Mine has actively developed the technological advantages of “continuous mining and charging”. After three years of testing and industrial testing, it has successfully developed a comprehensive navigation system for navigation equipment.

The system uses multi-sensor fusion method and the remote control system of the comprehensive excavator to collect the mine mining value into the system. It can provide the real-time position, speed, direction, attitude, running track and other data of the equipment without relying on any external information. Therefore, the construction of the roadway has eliminated the traditional method of "laser positioning guide visual cutting and cutting mining".

The successful application of the system is the deep integration of traditional technology and intelligence, which greatly reduces the human factors of poor engineering quality, effectively improves the quality of roadway forming, and realizes the unmanned and cancelled coal for the continuous mining and filling work surface. The roadway support and the construction of a high-yield and efficient work surface laid the foundation.