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New Logging Technology In Qinghai Oilfield Has Boosted Qaidam Oil And Gas Exploration And Development

Feb 28, 2019

Xinhuanet xining on February 1313 (Sun Rui de-gang wang Yang Fu rong) reporter from the China national petroleum corporation in qinghai oilfield branch (hereinafter referred to as the "qinghai oilfield"), along with the speeding up the construction of a productivity of qinghai oilfield, the oil field based on the geological features of plateau oilfield, introduced a series of high temperature of slimhole logging instruments, and through the exploration and summary, formed the ultra high temperature and high pressure plateau oilfield logging technology system, to meet the demand of qaidam oil and gas exploration in deep well ultra high temperature operation.


Chinese oil group logging co., LTD, qinghai branch (hereinafter referred to as "logging company qinghai branch") logging data interpretation center director introduces, ni in the qaidam basin is the main oil and gas exploration and development of oil fields in qinghai, is a young basin, affected by geological conditions of hydrocarbon accumulation and disorderly, thin and poor, problems facing many world-class exploration.Formation lithology is complex and changeable, which has great influence on logging parameter collection and later interpretation and evaluation, and has become the biggest difficulty in logging engineering.

In order to master this "hard bone", qinghai branch of logging company, on the basis of a lot of practice, introduced MRT nuclear magnetic logging, large particle wall coring and other instruments and equipment, and independently developed MRT6910 nuclear magnetic logging tool through scientific research, which effectively solved the difficulty of complex reservoir data acquisition in qaidam basin.

"The MRT6910 NMR tool has four basic measurement methods and can be combined with multiple logging modes to meet different geological needs.Its logging response characteristics are mainly affected by fluid and have nothing to do with lithology, so reservoir identification can be carried out accurately under complex lithology conditions.MRT NMR logging instrument has the advantages of centering measurement, full well coverage, fast polarization, guaranteed velocity measurement, multi-frequency and multi-band, and richer information.In addition, the company has set three new records in plateau oilfield, namely, the longest measuring interval of NMR instrument at one time, the longest continuous measuring period, and the fastest producing and producing efficiency. The company has broken the monopoly of foreign logging companies in NMR logging technology, filled the technical gap in China, and made it a powerful tool to solve the difficult problem of complex reservoir evaluation.Ni said that since the beginning of this year, the MRT6910 NMR tool has completed the measurement of six Wells, providing strong technical support for chaidamu oil and gas exploration and development.

Zhang xiaohui, deputy chief engineer of qinghai branch of well logging company, said that well logging is a key professional technology for dissecting underground geological conditions and reservoir changes, and an indispensable force in the process of oil and gas exploration and development.Back in qinghai oilfield exploration and development history, the field through logging technology unceasing progress and the continuous improvement of the high-end equipment, from single to multiple, from conventional to high-end, realize the leapfrog development of logging technology and equipment, strong booster of the qaidam basin exploration continues to break through level 3 geological reserves and qinghai oilfield stable growth.