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The 44th Beidou Satellite Was Successfully Launched, And China’s “Tianwang” Will Be Woven

May 05, 2019

China has experienced nearly 70 years of development, and the level of science and technology has also been continuously improved. The Beidou satellite navigation system is a major achievement in China's scientific and technological development, and the success of Beidou Satellite will announce the end of the era of GPS.

The state cannot rely on foreign countries for its core technology and must own it. In an uncertain international environment, national security cannot be ignored, because national security is the most basic and most common expectation of the people. Only when the country is safe can the people live and work in peace. In terms of world communication navigation, the GPS in the United States is currently the earliest navigation system with the most monopolistic users. China realized the importance of navigation communication in the last century, especially in the military field. Navigation is the eye, so in the last century, it began to study its own navigation system. In 2019, it was an extraordinary year for China's Beidou navigation. Not long ago, after successfully launching 44 satellites, the Beidou family members were about to be completed, and Skynet was about to be woven into a true global navigation.