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The Integration Of Military And Civilian Technology Will Help Stabilize The Anti-UAV

Jul 03, 2018

The increasingly widespread use of drones has also brought about security risks in management. In the development process, many military technologies have been transformed into civilian areas, which have made them more capable in maintaining low-altitude security.

In the process of intercepting the drone in the air, the interceptor and the target are moving at high speed. The interception effect is not ideal by the ground operator alone. In fact, the intercepting drone can detect and automatically track the target in the air through the camera. Therefore, the "guide technology" used in missiles has been introduced here.

On the ground, the equipment for observing and guiding interception missions is also transformed from military equipment. While discovering the target through visible light, it is also possible to use the laser to measure the motion state of the target, so that the air interception is more accurate and effective. In the development of thisanti-UAV interceptor, the projectile technology of the interceptor also has deep roots with the vertical launch technology of modern air defense missiles.

The use of these military technology, including a number of civilian equipment such as fire-fighting missiles used by firefighting, has not only been successfully developed, but many have been put into practical use to provide more security for our lives.