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The Long March 11 Will Be Launched In The Low Latitudes Near The Equator

Mar 15, 2019

The 11th rocket of the "Long March Family" is about to execute China's first mission to launch a launch vehicle at sea. Moreover, the key technology of China’s Long March 11 launch vehicle for launching missions at sea has been mastered and matured, and is now preparing for the necessary tasks for launching the mission, and will carry out a multi-star launch mission at sea in the middle of this year. This time, the low-angle launch mission near the equator can meet the technical reserve of launching low-angle orbit satellite missions in the future and improve the adaptability of the Long March series rockets.

The Long March 11 is not the same as China's only solid rocket launcher model, with the ability to quickly transport targets into space and emergency launch. The Long March 11 can complete the launch preparations for launch within 24 hours, and the longest is only 3 days. The entire Long March 11 carrier launch system consists of two parts, a solid launch vehicle and a launch support system. The maximum takeoff thrust is as high as 120t. Due to its small size but high performance, the Long March 11 has been completed internationally. The commercial launch mission, this long march 11 is about to go to the sea level in low latitudes to carry out the launch mission is also the performance of the Long March 11 technology mature.