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The Rate Of The Gyro On The Arrow Causes The Rocket To Diverge

Apr 02, 2019

Zero Space was established in Beijing in August 2015, focusing on the development, design and final assembly of low-cost small launch vehicles. At 5:39 pm on March 27, the zero-space space OS-M launch vehicle was launched with the 6U cubic star "Lingyi-1B satellite" fired by Beijing Zeroweight Space Technology Co., Ltd. After the rocket lifted for a few tens of seconds, an anomaly occurred, leaving a complicated trace in the sky and disappearing out of sight, and the launch mission failed.

After analyzing the data of the rocket flight test, the zero-turn space indicates that the first-class flight of the rocket is normal, and the first-level separation is normal. After the separation of the first and second stage, the rocket's attitude is unstable, the launch is defeated, the launch mission is not completed, and the wreckage at all levels falls within the safe zone. In the first time, Zero Space organized multi-party experts to analyze the rocket flight test data and locate faults. After data interpretation and analysis, the preliminary determination is that the rate gyro on the arrow has failed after 45.68 seconds of rocket flight, resulting in the rocket's attitude divergence.