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What Are The Principles Of The Artillery Bi-directional Stabilizer? Using Gyroscope, Bidirectional Control

Feb 06, 2018

The main tank in the field in the area of operations, when the tank is moving, because the terrain is rugged, tank body and gun and vibration with the undulating terrain. This will affect the gunner of target acquisition and targeting, let the shooting hit rate, in the artillery stabilization device before the invention, the tank will fire only stopped. Need a long reaction time. In order to realize the stability and manipulation of the marching tank artillery, the fire control system of modern tanks all installed the artillery stabilizer. Artillery installation stabilizing device after moving even when tank through rugged pavement, fire control system can automatically to the selected location in the gun is good. At the same time the gunner can also use the console for gun aiming and shooting, it was greatly enhanced by the invention of tank combat capability.


In order to stabilize the effect of the main gun, the stabilizing device needs to know the amplitude and acceleration of the sloshing of the tank body, and the gyroscope is needed. The vertical stabilizer of a tank is equipped with two gyroscopes. They are mainly fixed and fixed together, one is responsible for measuring angles, and the other is responsible for measuring acceleration. When the main gun deviates from the set direction after the terrain factor, the two gyroscopes output the electrical signal. After enlarging and input into the artillery control device, the controller can adjust the angle of the gun according to the signal. The same is the same for the horizontal stabilizer.