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Yutu No. 2 Found 'outer Space Glass'on The Back Of The Moon

Sep 19, 2019

Just after the Mid-Autumn Festival, there is good news. Who is the squadron of the No. 4 mission, the Yulu 2, found a mysterious new substance on the back of the moon. Who is the home of the Air Bureau, this new substance is called "gel with mysterious luster." But everyone knows that there is almost no atmosphere on the surface of the moon and the temperature difference between day and night is very great. Therefore, it is almost impossible to have a gel material that exhibits a moist flow state. Therefore, it can only be said that it looks like a gel but actually is a shiny solid. . These mysterious substances were found on the bottom of a recently formed small crater. So far, no one of the research institutions has revealed what the substance is. However, foreign scientific institutions have speculated that this material is likely to be a kind of "glass" or even "ceramic" produced by high temperature after the meteorite hits the surface of the moon. In the view of the Wolf Mountain in the Bohai Sea, it is not so much glass, but it is more accurate about who has the glass in ancient times. Because the glass was smelted by the ancients earlier than the glass. Nvwa Niangniu refining 5 colors of stone to make up the sky,

It is the smelting of colored glass. And if it is a ceramic tile, it is also a must. Because whether it is confirmed that these strange substances are ancient glaze, Yuan blue and white or Ming and Qing dynasties, this sub-moon has been completely evidenced by who belongs to the ancients. If there is still some controversy about the attribution of the moon to the earth side, then the back of the moon belongs to whoever, and it is completely uncontroversial! Which one is not convinced, but also to the back of the soft landing several spaceships are. However, after Israel and the third brother have been planted in the frontal landing, the estimate that they dare to do now is immediately less than half! Of course, if you have to say that some of the political Z is correct, then let the moon belong to all mankind. Of course, everything belongs to everyone's premise, and there are no special minerals found on the moon that are of high enough value. At present, all the detection and utilization of the moon is much more than the output. If this proves that Yutu No. 2 discovered a mineral equivalent to the value of a large diamond blank on Earth, then lunar exploration will immediately become profitable.

Once the profits are rich, industrial development of the moon will also be imperative. Therefore, encircling the moon on the moon is also a matter of time. Some people in foreign countries say that this may be the leakage of Yutu lubricants, which can only prove that they are absolutely ignorant. Because the vacuum oil environment can not use traditional oil lubricants, where is the leak? Langshan believes that even if it is not a diamond ore, it is a glass or a glassy substance, it is quite uncomfortable. Because of the various lunar development methods previously anticipated, the construction of smelters on the lunar surface is the most core facility that cannot be bypassed. This smelter can be operated by humans, but most of it is automated. The solar energy generated by the lunar surface is extremely rich, and then the furnace is built to sinter the extremely rich quartz-like materials in the lunar soil into glass, glass or ceramics, and extract the potential energy as a lunar surface. Then transport 氦3 back to Earth as a raw material for a thermonuclear power plant or directly as a reactor fuel on the lunar surface, which means more electricity can be obtained. The smelted glass and glass can naturally be used as a basic material for building a greenhouse on the surface of the moon, which is the artificial biosphere. The required moisture can be synthesized by the extracted hydrogen and oxygen. This way the development of the moon can be recycled.

No matter whether it is diamond, glass, glass or ceramic fragments, the significance of this discovery is significant enough. This at least indicates that in the past it was only at the stage of envisioning that the plan to industrially produce transparent silicate products on the lunar surface is absolutely feasible. Now that Yutu No. 2 has been maneuvering alone, it is close to 400 meters away from the mother ship No. 4, and there will be more and more major discoveries.