High Stability DTG North Seeker

ER-DNS-01 Features:
1.True north seeking
2.Adopt high precision DTG and Quartz acceleroemter
3.Used in directional antennas, vehicle orientation, radar directed

Product Details

High Stability DTG North Seeker


ER-DNS-01 high stability DTG north seeker mainly constitutes by a high accuracy tuning gyro of biaxial power and two accelerometers. It is insensitive to magnetic fields andother environmental factors. Combine with the two axial accelerometers, can measure and calibrate the tilt angle.Products are used in coal mining, oil drilling, tunnel construction and geodesy, also can be used for static initial alignment and direction control of radar, antenna, vehicle and other objects.


Azimuth   measurement range0°~360°
Azimuth   measurement accuracy 0.06°
North-seeking time3   min
Time   of preparation10min
Work   MethordStatic
InterfaceRS-232   or RS-422
Working   voltage24~36VDC
Working   current1A
Working   temp-40℃~60℃
Impact3g   8~11msA half sine wave
Digital   displayThe   LCD screen
Dimension180mm   x170mm x 185mm

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