ER-DNS-01 High Stability DTG North Seeker

1.True north seeking
2.Adopt high precision dynamically tuned gyroscope and Quartz acceleroemter
3.used in directional antennas, vehicle orientation, radar directed

Product Details

ER-DNS-01 High Stability DTG North Seeker Using high precision gyroscope is sensitive to the earth angular velocity components, high precision gyro must match the rebalancing circuit with high precision of high precision gyroscope. Dynamic tuned gyroscope north finder is consist of two axis dynamically tuned gyro and signal calculation circuit. DTG has two basic characteristics, precision and fixed axis. Using gyro to be sensitive to the earth's rotation speed in the X, Y axis component of different products reference axis azimuth information. Operation is simple, to meet the automotive environment, north seeking, used in directional antennas, vehicle orientation, radar directed.


Azimuth Angle measurement range


Working current


Azimuth Angle measurement accuracy 

 0.06° 1σ


3g 8~11ms  A half sine wave

The azimuth resolution


Working temp


Communication interface(optional)

RS-232 or RS-422


180mm x170mm x 185mm

Baud rate




Find north time

 3 min

Angle measurement range(optional)


Time to prepare


Angle measurement range(optional)


Way to work


Digital display

The LCD screen

The power supply voltage


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