Low Cost FOG North Finder

ER-FNS3 Features:
1.Find the north time: 5min
2.Azimuth measurement range:0°~360°
3.Inclination measurement range:-30°~+30°
4.Inclination measurement accuracy:≤0.2°
5.Azimuth measurement accuracy ≤2.0°
6.Azimuth retention time:10min

Product Details

ER-FNS3 Series Low Cost FOG North Seeker


ER-FNS3 Series Low Cost FOG North Seeker adopts closed-loop fiber optic gyroscope as the core components. It is mainly composed of inertial measurement unit, digital signal processing unit and the organizations of the mechanical parts. It can provide the carrier with true north azimuth Angle. Products are used in coal mining, oil drilling, tunnel construction and geodesy, also can be used for missile launch, weapon targeting, and static initial alignment and direction control of radar, antenna, vehicle and other objects.

2. Specifications:

Dimension (mm)200×100×90mm
Weight (Kg)2.0Kg1.6Kg
Power Supply12V5V
Power Consumption≤12W≤6W
Start-up Time5min
Working Latitude-65°~+65°
North Seeking Precision1°secψ0.5°secψ1°secψ0.5°secψ
North Seeking Time5min
Heading Measurement Range0°~360°
Pitch Measurement Range-65°~+65°-30°~+30°
Output MethodRS422
Operating Temperature-40~+70
Vibration Environment20Hz~2000Hz6.06g
Impact Environment8ms~11ms30g