ER-38 MWD Inclinometer

1.Suitable for use with coiled tubing to connect MWD;
2.The underground electrical connection adopts self-locking air plug + cord connection;
3.One of the first manufacturers in China to use the Ф38mmouter diameter directional gamma wireless MWD system;

Product Details

ER-38 MWD inclinometer is a kind of small-path mud pulse wireless in-drilling inclinometer.This is a new product developed following the ER-48 wireless inclinometer. This product not only inherited the characteristics of high precision, high stability and high vibration resistance of the ER-48 inclinometer, but alsomore extensive applications.



1.ER-38 MWD inclinometer can be used for the construction of conventional wellbore like the ER-48inclinometer. Different diameters can be selected according to the conditions of on-site drilling tools (diameter of the drill collar Ф50.8mm, Ф71.4mm) Rubber wings to suit different drilling tools.

2.The external diameter of the instrument is Ф38mm. In the construction of small wellbore, the hole of thenon-magnetic drilling tool may not be reamed (diameter of the drill collar is Ф50.8mm), which reduces the erosionof the drilling tool and enhances the safety of the downhole drilling tool.

3.When used in conventional large borehole construction, the muddy water circulation area of the non-magnetic drillcollar is relatively increased, erosion of the drilling equipment and drilling tool is reduced, and the safetyconstruction of the well team is facilitated.

4.It is more suitable for the second and third development of oil wells and small hole operations such as windowsidetrack drilling. Also suitable for use with coiled tubing to connect MWD.

5.The underground electrical connection adopts self-locking air plug + cord connection, which makes theinstrument connection convenient and reliable, and improves the reliability of the instrument.

6.The electronic chamber of the pulse generator and the gamma probe share a compression cylinder. The user canselect conventional gamma or orientation gamma. Became one of the first manufacturers in China to use the Ф38mmouter diameter directional gamma wireless MWD system.

7.ER-48 and ER-38 are compatible with ground equipment, reducing the cost of using.

8.Ground equipment can be selected for wireless or wired transmission.


Measuring range



0 – 180°



0 – 360°



Face Angle

0 – 360°


Pulse Type

Positive pulse


The gamma probe is integrated in the pulsar and is approximately 1500mm closer to the drill than the conventional gamma short section
(optional gamma orientation)

Operating Temperature


Mud Displacement


Outside Diameter

38.1mm/1.5”(Pulse section-48mm/1.875”)

Downhole Power Supply

lithium battery 21-28.8VDC(Can connect two battery segments)

Battery Life

Single battery more than 1300 hours

Impact Resistance

1000g, 0.5msec(Half shaft sine wave)


20g RMS 15-500Hz

Pressure Tube

100 MPa

Temperature Limit

0℃ - 125℃

Total Length ofDownhole Tool String

6.0m(No gamma)

6.7m(With gamma)

Instrument Pressure Drop


Mud Sediment Content


Mud Weight

≤2.2 g/cm3

Mud Viscosity
(Funnel Viscosity)


Mud Signal Strength


Adaptable to Drill Collar


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