Accelerometer Test System

1.Four Position repeatability test;
2.Temperature Coefficient Test;
3.four hours of short-term stability test;
4.Start repeatability test;

Product Details

Accelerometertestsystem, thegravitational field of multi-point rollover test to isolate the accelerometer of the coefficients of the model equations. This system is used accelerometer 4 position tumble test, 0 °, 90 °, 180 °, 270 °in four positions, a continuous measurement of groups of accelerometers, the parameters obtained by computer calculating the test software.

System composition

1.The software control system

2.Temperature Control System

3.Precision dividing head

Main function

A.Four Position repeatability test;

B.Temperature Coefficient Test;

C.Four hours of short-term stability test;

D.Start repeatability test.


Major components



Used to control the test position

Accelerometer test body

Used to install the accelerometer

temperature controller

Used to maintain the accelerometer test temperature

Mult-channels switch

Select the 12 channels

Digital Multimeter

Used for testing the accelerometer


Used for data acquisition parameters and calculated

accerlerometer test system.jpg

Composition diagram the system

Composition diagram the system.jpg

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