Three Axis Manual Non-Magnetic Turntable

1. Small, lightweight and easy to carry;
2. Each axis has a scale and cursor, clear readings;
3. The entire body using non-magnetic materials;

Product Details

Composition and working mode:

lER-W3M1V538F three-axis non-magnetic turntable specifically for magnetic compass and other magnetic sensors dynamic, static test and calibration

lThree-axis non-magnetic turntable mainly by the turret Taiwan, the drive system and control system.

lAll parts of the turntable table body and the table body accessories are made of nonmagnetic materials strictly selected by magnetic screening. The outsourcing parts and standard parts on the table body must also be non-magnetic screening or non-magnetic modification pertinently.

lDrive system is mainly motor and long-distance transmission, in order to reduce the impact of motor on the Taiwan body magnetic body, the motor and the body distance of not less than 4 meters.

lThe purpose of the control system is to control the motion state of the table body, collect the data of the turntable angle, and monitor the system state in real time and fault alarm. Emergency brake and so on.

lTurntable has two modes of operation: one is the rate mode, that set the angular velocity and angular acceleration, the turntable at a set angle acceleration start, the target angular rate of uniform rotation; the other is the positioning mode, which set the target After the angle, the turntable turns to the target angle and stops.

lTurntable display mode: Rate mode should have real-time angle and real-time rate display, the rest of the state there is always angle display.

Technical indicators

1.All parts and components purchased and standard parts must be qualified by magnetic testing, non-magnetic requirements must be met to use. Non-magnetic standard: The weight of not less than 1kg of material at a distance of 7cm from the magnetometer probe to monitor remanence is not greater than 7nT;

2.The turntable adopted U-O-O structure, and the load space dimension is 360mm* 400mm (inner frame axis direction) * 200m (high)

3.Three-axis rotation range: 0 ~ 360 ° continuous wireless, conductive slip ring, the outer frame for automatic control, the box and the inner frame for manual operation

4. Frame speed range: 0.5°/s~50°/s;

5. External frame rate precision and smoothness: ω<1°/s, 5*10-3(1°average)



6.Three axes are equipped with angle encoder; Digital resolution is 0.001°

7.Three axis shaft rotation accuracy: all are ±20’’

8.The inner frame and the middle frame are equipped with dials and cursors, the cursor is identified as 3 '

9.Static positioning error: <3 '

10.Load weight: 8kg

11.Party B provides the communication protocol, the communication interface is RS232 interface

12.Party B provide PC software

13.In the box to provide two non-magnetic sockets, each socket has 10 single-core shielded cable, through the current of not less than 1A

14.Required turntable middle frame and the inner frame are made of non-metallic materials

15.Reliability indicators: MTBF(Mean Time Between Failures) 2000h, turntable life: 10 years

16.Safety measure

1)System are implementation monitoring

a)The monitoring system monitors the operating conditions of the system, and whenthe abnormal time is down, it is strictly forbidden to control the turntable and fly.

b)Limit the angular velocity and angular acceleration through software settings

2)Emergency stop

a)Braking: stop mode, with certain acceleration limit.

b)Urgent stop: press the emergency stop button, the point skill consumption brake.


Max height(mm):


Outer frame axis height(mm):


Outer frame axis shaft max width(mm):


Base size(mm):


The distance of the mesa from the outer frame axis(mm):


Effective load(kg):




Distance of the motor from the center of the turntable(mm):




    ER-W3M1V538F three-axis non-magnetic turntable.png

ER-W3M195T desktop three-axis non-magnetic detector specifically for magnetic compass and other magnetic sensors for static testing and calibration.


1.Small, lightweight and easy to carry;

2.Each axis has a scale and cursor, clear readings;

3.The entire body using non-magnetic materials;

4.Each shaft system is equipped with blisters, in which is installed with a bar bubble, and the outer frame is equipped with a circular blister;

5. The inner frame is driven by a spur gear; the middle frame is driven by a worm gear and the worm can be disengaged by hand; the outer frame is directly rotated by hand; the inner and outer frame are mechanically locked;

6. The base is equipped with three horizontal adjustment feet.

The size parameters of the turntable:

Max altitude(mm):


The height of the middle frame axis(mm):


Max breadth (mm):


The distance between the mesa and the axis of the center frame(mm):


Magnetic field distortion:


Table diameter:


Corner range:

Inside and outside frame corner range:


Middle frame corner range:


Triaxial angular position accuracy:


Leveling precision:




   ER-W3M195T desktop three-axis non-magnetic detector.png


The ER-W3M300T three-axis magnetless turret is entirely made of non-magnetic, non-metallic material. The three axes of rotation are orthogonal to each other and the three axes are continuously and wirelessly rotated. The W3M300T can be locked in place and can read the current angle value through the configured angle encoder.

1) Rotation positioning function: Single axis can be manually positioned to reach the target angle locking system, the locking process, the angle does not change more than 0.1 °

2) Angle reading: The three axes can read the angle value of the current position through the code wheel

Mail indicators:

Load the largest installation space(mm):


Table relative rotation center drooping(mm):


Load weight(kg):


The three axes are not perpendicular to each other:


Three-axis angle measurement accuracy.:


Three-axis corner range:


Three-axis angular resolution:


Install the surface plan(mm)




  ER-W3M300T three-axis non-magnetic turntable.png


ER-W3M500T three-axis manual non-magnetic turntable full use of copper, aluminum and other non-magnetic materials, the relative permeability of the material <1.01, the three rotation axis orthogonal to each other.

1)Rotary positioning function: All three shafts are equipped with a worm gear so that the target angle can be fine-tuned. And with a clutch device for manual large-scale rapid rotation to the target position, then use the worm to fine-tune the successive approximation of the target value.

2) Angle reading: The three axes can read the angle value of the current position through angle encoder or digital display.


Corner range:

well deflection(0~360°); direction(0~360°) Tool surface(0~360°)

Three-axis attitude angle measurement accuracy:


Load weight(kg):


Orthogonal degrees of two axes:


Three-axis intersection degree:


Differential disk accuracy:


Optical digital output accuracy:


Mounting surface flatness(mm):


Power supply


ER-W3M500T Three-axis manual non-magnetic turntable.png

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