Solid-State GPU 400Hz Frequency Converter

ER-400W Features:
1. Automatically voltage compensation system,ideal voltage at aircraft connector;
2. Self diagnose system which would show error code/faulty explanation on the VFD screen;
3. Memory stores 10 events;
4. Galvanically isolated, low harmonic distortion;
5. Thoroughly proven advanced SPWM and IGBT technology;
6. Pure sine wave output;
7. Eco-friendly, high efficiency, low noise;
8. 28VDC military interlock.

Product Details

ER-400W Solid-State GPU 400Hz Frequency Converter


ER-400W Solid-State GPU 400Hz Frequency Converter as a power source to develop aircraft quality 400hz Power. It is mostly used in aircraft production manufacturing, aviation R&D, military/civil hangar, maintenance plant, aerospace equipment, military airport tarmac and wells, aviation factories.

ER-400W series is one of the most popular static frequency converter. ER400W is designed to change the power at 50Hz or 60Hz to aircraft quality power at 400Hz.

It integrates IGBT made by Mitsubishi, Siemens and Infineon with PWM switching technology, and combines micro controller and digital signal processor(DSP) for quicker response and higher reliability.


Automatically voltage compensation system, ideal voltage at aircraft connector

Self diagnose system which would show error code/faulty explanation on the VFD screen

Memory stores 10 events

Galvanically isolated, low harmonic distortion

Thoroughly proven advanced SPWM and IGBT technology

Pure sine wave output

Eco-friendly, high efficiency, low noise

28VDC military interlock






Voltage: 3 x127V/220V±15% or

3 x220V/380V±15%,

3 x240V/415V±15%

Or as per your specific requirement

(select one individual voltage)

Frequency: 40-70Hz

Power Factor:

≥0.8 (Standard type)

≥0.9(12 pulse type, optional item)

Inrush current: None, soft start



Or select one individual voltage

Frequency: 400Hz (320-480Hz adjust)

Interface:RS232/485 communication port

Voltage regulation: ±1% FS(full scale)

Frequency regulation: ±0.1%

Crest: 1.414±0.1

Distortion: THD<3% @ linear load

Voltage difference between each phase<3V

Line drop compensation:1-10V

Voltage recovery: ∆U <10% and rec. time <50 ms at 100% load change

Phase angle symmetry:

120°±2° (33% unbalance Load)

120°±4° (100% unbalance Load)


125% for 600 sec; 150% for 60 sec;

200% for 10 sec.


Input Over/under voltage, phase loss

Over current, Over load,

Inner over heating,Short circuit,

Output Phase loss, wrong phase sequence

Self diagnose and alarm

VFD display and control

Output voltage, Current, Frequency

Start/Stop,On/off each output

Line drop compensation status

Emergency Stop

Available options

28 VDC, 300-3000 A (45-180KVA only)

Additional output contactor

Remote control box

Terminal extension for 2 PCS of 7 core cable

Parallel system

Door Interlock

28V Military Interlock

Working condition

Temperature:-40 to 55℃

Humidity:10~95% non condensing


IP22 / IP55


Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) 50,000H

Mean Time To Restoration (MTTR)<30 min

Electromagnetic compatibility: Meeting relevant requirement of IEC61000-6-2 and EC61000-6-4

Standby power consumption: <65W

No-load power consumption: <2.5KW

Efficiency: ≥85% at full load for standard type

≥95% at full load for 12-pulse type(Optional)




ISO 6858





GJB 181


1. What is your quotation condition?

If you have DHL or Fedex account ,we can quote EXW price ,otherwise CIF or FOB price.

2.Do you have any discount when procurement? 

We will quote sample price at first and we will quote volume price if you need more quantity.

3.How long is the delivery time?

For sensors,parts,modules : in stock-one week;no stock-2-4weeks; For systems,generally ,8-12 weeks.

4.How to deal with the quality problems?

If confirmation of product quality problem we can replace it freely for customer in the shortest period.

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