ER-60W Series Static Frequency

1. Isolated output transformer,suitable for any unbalance loads. Every single phase can be used independently EMC compatible;
2. Compatible with both 50Hz and 60Hz power supply network;
3. Galvanically isolated,low harmonic distortion;
4. Pure sine wave,sinusoidal output;
5. Variable frequency and voltage;
6. Display real-time data:voltage,current, frequency and power.

Product Details

ER60W series is one of the most popular static solid-state frequency converter. It is designed to change conventional 50 Hz or 60 Hz electrical energy to virtually any other frequency. It integrates IGBT made by Mitsubishi, Siemens, and combines analog signal control design together for compact size and higher reliability.

ER60W as a power source is ideal for export/import testing and operating equipment manufactured in a foreign country. It can simulate any world wide utility as well as shipboard power with clean sine wave output and excellent line and load regulation, high efficiency and low harmonic distortion.

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Main Features:

Isolated output transformer, suitable for any unbalance loads. Every single  phase can be used independently

EMC compatible

Compatible with both 50Hz and 60Hz power supply network

Galvanically isolated, low harmonic distortion

Pure sine wave,sinusoidal output

Variable frequency and voltage

Display real-time data:voltage,current, frequency and power


Models Selection:

ER60W series power supply model designation is shown below:


ER60W series power supply single unit are available with the following capacities:

Single phase output: (Select one individual KVA)


phase output: (Select one individual KVA)






                 1KVA to 2000KVA

Input Voltage:

                 1 phase 120V±15% ,1 phase220V±15%,3 x220V/380V±15%

                 3x127V/220V±15% or as per your specific requirement (select one individual voltage)  

Frequency: 50/60Hz±5%

Power Factor:

                  ≥0.8 (Standard Type)

                  ≥0.9 (12-pulse Type,option item)

Output Voltage:

                     1 phase 120V,1 phase 220V fixed Or 1 phase 10-150V/20-300V  adjustable   

                     Or 3x220V/380V or 3x240V/415V fixed Or 3 phase 17-260V/34-520V adjustable (Select one individual voltage)


             50Hz/ 60Hz/100Hz/200Hz/ 45-65Hz adjustable,or 400Hz optional

Voltage Regulation: ±1% @120V

Frequency Regulation: ±0.1%

Crest: 1.414±0.1

Distortion: clean sine wave THD<3%@Linear loads≥100V

              Overload: 110% 15Mins,120% shut down


             Over/under voltage

             Over current,Over load

             Over temperature,Short circuit

             Voltage difference between each phase<3V

             Additional output contactor(Option item)

Display LED:Voltage,Current, frequency, Power/PF

Working condition

Temperature: -10 to 40℃


Noise:65dB   within 1 meter




     Mean Time Between Failure(MTBF) 50,000H

     Mean Time to Restoration(MTTR)< 30 min

     Overall efficiency≥80%



             EC 62321



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