ER-SW Series Programmable AC Power Source

1. 10 memory locations for easy test setup and recall;
2. Double protection with hardware and software;
3. Free Instrument control software available;
4. Simulate transient conditions;
5. Programmable starting, voltage and current limit;
6. LCD to monitor voltage, current, frequency, power and power factor;
7. Built- in RS232, RS485, communication port, suitable for remote monitoring;
8. Capable for each phase unbalance loads.

Product Details

ERSW series Programmable AC Power Sources have the ability to simulate the AC voltage and frequency used in all countries. They are excellent instruments for R&D, design production testing/evaluation,and QA verification. In addition, the frequency range covers 500 Hz, making these products ideal for commercial and defense avionics applications.

The ERSW series delivers maximum rated power for any adjustable output voltage up to 300Vac (L-N) / 520Vac (L-L )for 3 phase units, and at any adjustable frequency between 40Hz to 500 Hz.

It integrates IGBT made by Mitsubishi, Siemens, and Infineon, and combines microprocessor and ARM &DSP control design together for quick response and higher reliability and parallel operation.

ER-SW Series Programmable AC Power Source .jpgER-SW Series Programmable AC Power Source jpg

Main Features


Capacity: 1KVA to 450KVA

Overload: 110% 15Mins,125% 300s,150% 30s

Input Voltage:

                  1 phase 120V+/-20%,1 phase 220V+/-20%,3 x127V/220V+/-20%,        

                  3 x220V/380V+/-20% or as per your specific requirement(select one individual voltage)

Frequency: 0-70Hz

Power Factor:

                  ≥0.8 Standard Type

                  ≥0.912-pulse Type,option item

Output Voltage:

                    1 phase 10-150V/20-300V adjustable

                    3 phase 17-260V/34-520V adjustable(L-L)     

                    (Set your desired voltage )

Current: 0-Limit (Set your desired current )

Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz/400hz/40Hz-500Hz

Voltage Regulation: +/-1%≥100V

Frequency Regulation: +/-0.1%

Crest: 1.414+/-0.1

Distortion: THD<3%@ linear load≥100V

Phase Shift:

              120°+/-1°(no load/ balance load

              120°+/-3°(33% unbalance load

              120°+/-4°(100% unbalance load


              Over/under voltage

              Over current,Over load

              Over temperature,Short circuit

              Voltage difference between each phase<3V

              Additional output contactor(Option item)



       Working condition

Temperature: -10 to 40℃


Noise: < 65dB   within 1 meter




       Mean Time Between Failure(MTBF) 50,000H

       Mean time to restoration(MTTR)< 30 min

       Overall efficiency≥85%



       IEC 62321



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