ER-SU Series High Temperature &Pressure Quartz Pressure Sensor For Oil &Gas

1. High temperature and high pressure type quartz pressure sensor;
2. High reliability and high precision characteristics;

Product Details



● Oil, gas and geothermal well testing, 

● Downhole storage logging tool, wireline logging and formation tester, 

● Permanent downhole monitoring system, and permanent well head monitoring system,

● Pressure testing while drilling.

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The current diameters of the sensors are mainly four types--Φ25.4, Φ22 and Φ19, the length is different due to the pressure sensor’s different models. There are two main structures, one is ER-SU series, the sensor’s line outer barrel could not withstand the pressure, it needs to be installed in the inside of the downhole instrument, the advantage is facilitating outside bus line of the sensor over the line. 

Our ER-SU series high temperature and high pressure type quartz pressure sensor has high reliability and high precision characteristics, for decades the international oil industry has this kind of quartz crystal pressure gauge as the industry pressure measurement standard. The pressure sensitive element is quartz resonator, output frequency changes with pressure rise. Sensitive element maintained inherent high repeatability and high stability of single crystal quartz, meanwhile there is another temperature probe with a quartz resonator can be directly do digital temperature compensating to the pressure value. Sensors to provide each other Independent pressure frequency signal and temperature frequency signal, can calculated the pressure value which has passed temperature compensation within the scope of pressure and temperature measurements. In the circuit of sensor has not DC signal processing, also needn't DC standard power supply, direct output frequency signal. It can be easily used in memory-logging tools and wireline cable logging tools. Signal output can be suitable any requirements of measurement circuit.



Recommended application


ER-SU 26

Can be easily used for composed of the Φ 38 multi-parameter production logging, repeat formation tester. This series sensors have the same size and performance with the Quartzdyne QHB series products.


ER-SU 22

Can be easily used for make up the Φ 32, Φ38 multi-parameter production logging tool, well test storage pressure gauge, and measurement while drilling.


ER-SU 19

Can be easily used for make up the Φ 25.4, Φ32multi-parameter production logging tool, well test storage pressure gauge, repeat formation tester, and measurement while drilling.


ER-SU 16(halt 


Can be easily used for make up the Φ 22, Φ25.4, Φ 32 multi-parameter production logging tool.


ER-SU 15(halt 


It can be installed in limited space,specially designed for bad environment and can reach high standard requirements.


The above series are all have the 150 ℃, 200℃ temperature and 60Mpa, 80Mpa, 100Mpa, 140Mpa, 175Mpa pressure products.

The ER-SU QUP can be engaged with Logging , Formation Tester, Permanent and Drlling


Recommended Operating Conditions

Supply Voltage(Vcc) 3.2-5V

Operaing Current(Icc) 2MA( No Load condition with REF)

Output Signals DC Coupled HC CMOS

Temperature Range 150C/175C

Pressure Range 70Mpa/100Mpa /140Mpa/160Mpa

Weight 195g

V  RedPS +4-5V

G  BlackGround

P  GreenPressure

T  YellowTemp

REF  Blue(Grey)Reference






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