Navigation Communication Simulator

ER-4100 Features:
1.Transmit and receive of inbound and outbound signals;
2.Outstanding short message communication capabilities;
3.Flexible, easy-to-use control software,clear, real-time;
4.Have evaluation software to evaluate user machine performance;

Product Details

ER-4100 Navigation Communication Simulator


ER-4100 Navigation Communication Simulator to generate high fidelity, high resolution, high precision and high stability of satellite navigation analog signals. It can perform accurate testing and performance evaluation of Beidou satellite navigation receiving equipment in research, production, qualification examination, certification, integration, inspection or acceptance.


Transmit and receive of inbound and outbound signals capable of simulating the BeiDou system;

Outstanding short message communication capabilities, with positioning and timing functions;

Flexible, easy-to-use control software;

Have evaluation software to evaluate user machine performance;

Clear, real-time, content-rich display interface

Compact and easy to carry.


Simultaneous inbound and outbound signals for 10 beams of 5 satellites;

Support for multi-user wireless / wired short message communications;

Control software for signal interruption, signal recovery, switching of each visible star signal, modulation mode selection and power control of the satellite navigation signal simulator output;

With evaluation software to test the receiver's bit error rate, communication success rate and sensitivity indicators, at the same time can test receiver timing, positioning and other functions;

LCD display shows satellite is visible, simulation time and satellite power and other information;

Signal output via cable or via antenna.


Beidou satellite navigation chip development, production, testing

Compass satellite navigation receiver development, production, testing

Beidou satellite navigation product maintenance and repair


Signal frequency

In and out of station signal

Outbound signal power

Output range::-60dBm~-150dBm

Resolution ratio:0.3dB

Accuracy in calibration:±0.7dB

Outbound signal quality

Clutter power (maximum):-55dBc

Harmonic power (Maximum):-35dBc

Phase Noise:-75dBc/Hz@100Hz




Frequency Stability:±5×10-10/s

Receiving signal power

Input range:-60dBm~-30dBm

Power measurement accuracy:0.5dB(RMS)

Signal generator unit

Cable output or through antenna output

External interface

Radio Frequency Output:N-type head

Radio Frequency Input:N-type head

External control port:Ethernet interface

Power Supply Properties:AC 220V,50Hz

Physical Characteristics

Size (width x height x depth):350mm×132mm×450mm


Environmental requirements

Working humidity:≤75%(23℃)

Working temperature:0℃~+50℃

Storage temperature:-30℃~+70℃



Mean Time Between Failures(MTBF):≥3000hours

Mean time to repair(MTTR):≤2hours

A continuous working time:≥24hours

Computer workstation recommendation configuration

Operating system:Windows XP/Window 7 32bit

Processor:intel @2GHzOr higher

External interface:RS232and Gigabit Ethernet ports


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We will quote sample price at first and we will quote volume price if you need more quantity.

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If confirmation of product quality problem we can replace it freely for customer in the shortest period.

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