1. Exchange our DTG-E2 in customer's continuous north seeking gyro tools


Using gyroscope for customer’s geological tools, application condition as following: probes are built for borehole diameter of 

55mm, operating probes up to deep of 500m, supplying power is 35V DC and current of 100 mA as standard. 

a.The performance of gyroscope what the customers focus on, such as:
   Outside diameter: 29mm,   
   Temperature range: -10~100 degree centigrade.
   Maximum Operating power is: 4W
   Power supply of the Gyroscope: 12V, 400Hz;   ±15V, DC;  ±5V, 16KHz
   Electronic board : 200*30(L*W) 
   Power supply of the Electronic board: ±15V, DC. Current: 800mA. 

Customers need to prepare two power supply of ±12V~±15V, DC when using our electronic board.


b. About DTG-E2 PCB part, information as following:

The output of DTG-E2 gyroscope is the analog voltage output, directly proportional to angular velocity,collect the voltage value,and with the voltage value divided by the scale factor,then we can get the angular velocity value.  Customers need to do some computation to get the Azimuth data and the compass data.the scale factor, then we can get computation to get the Azimuth data and the compass data.the scale factor, then we can get the angular velocity value. Customers need to do some computation to get the Azimuth data and the compass data.

2. The pictures of Quartz accelerometer temperature test:



Test was continued 28 hours in thermo chamber. Temperature changes are shown in lower graphic. It has an overall Scale Factor (SF) repeatability about 500-600 ppm. Error of SF are repeated when another ER-I/A-02 Quartz accelerometer is tested. From the pictures of temperature accelerometer test, Scale Factor did twice within the range of temperature, it is the equivalent of a full scale degree factor of repeatability.

3. The deceleration machine selection needs to know the parameter requirements

1)Reducer used in what equipment, in order to determine the safety coefficient of SF (SF = Rated power of reducer /motor power). The type of installation (rectangular axis, parallel axis, output the hollow axis key, output hollow shaft locking plate, etc.) and so on

2) Provide motor power, motor series(4P6P or 8P of motor)

3) The ambient temperature around the reducer(It decided to check the heat power of the reducer)

4) The radial force and axial force of the output shaft of the reducer. To provide axial force and radial force, it is best to find a sample and then refer to it.

5) Specific parameters of the reducer(speed ratio, accuracy, torque, etc)

4. Anti-UAV is how to prevent UAV black fly

  Anti-UAV enterprises use advanced technology to produce research and development of unmanned aerial vehicle control equipment, the current Anti-UAV technology is divided into three categories, one is the interference blocking class, mainly through the signal interference and acoustic interference technology to achieve no Man-machine control; the second is the direct destruction of the class, mainly through the use of laser weapons, UAV countermeasures UAV; Third, monitoring and control class, mainly through the hijack radio control and other ways to achieve UAV control. Currently directly destroy the class is mainly used in the military field, the most used control of the UAV radio communication technology, by firing high-power interference signal UAV suppression, forcing the UAV landing, the domestic research and development of portable UAV Electron gun is a leading device in signal interference technology that effectively controls UAV flight.


At present, many countries and airports have set up anti-UAV defense control systems in their core areas, so that they can remotely detect, track, locate, force down and shoot down UAVs and prevent UAV black-fly events from occurring . Information technology is an important anti-UAV system, high security, ideal for anti-UAV consumer-level control, strict control of the UAV "black fly" to promote the healthy development of the UAV industry.